I know this a mysterious question I’m asking here. But there is a good reason for it. Many people get cluttered with too much information. They think the still need “this” or “that” before they can finally start going and become successful. The thing is, you have everything you need from birth. As a little child already you were able to ask and receive. As a little child you were demanding things. You didn’t find it a bad thing to do, it was natural and you even got those things you were demanding. You were successful back then.

So what happened in the meantime?

You learned a lot of stuff, many concepts on how to “properly” do it, many systems were put in your head. This principal act of smiling, asking a question and receiving is something that may have gotten lost.

Think of David…

To give you a different view on this question, now please think of David. David is a masterpiece of Michael Angelo and one of the most famous artworks in the history of mankind. When Michael Angelo was asked, how he could make such a magnificent, beautiful statue he said: “David was all along inside the block of marble. All I was doing is to free him of the access stone material. I was only removing all that was superfluous, all this stuff that was covering David up.

Think of you as of David, covered in stuff that has to be removed

Its very similar with you. You already have everything. Some parts of you have become covered with stuff, so now its rather a question of removing this stuff again, than on adding new stuff on top of it. Substrat, not add to be successful. This is todays message.

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My wish for you, master network marketing and live a life of wellness, happiness and freedom.