„To live for others is the secret of secrets“, this has been his life philosophy for many years.

Aditya Nowotny, hailing from Salzburg, Austria, has been travelling the world as a trainer on inner growth and meditation since 1984. He has helped 145,000 people to get started with meditation and has been successful in applying the inner wisdom, motivation techniques and simple strategies to the modern business life.

Aditya, who presently lives in Hamburg, founded his own business in 2009 and soon became an influential motivator and trainer for his team and beyond. He believes in the power of humans to live the lives of their dreams, to become a successful, self-responsible and free person.

„When you grow as a person, your business grows, your sphere of influence grows and the numbers of lives you can touch and change goes through the roof. There is in my opinion no better investment for you than to invest in yourself“ says Aditya. „You are destined to be free, to enrich the lives of many with the gifts you have. I am humbled to be able to give you some of the tools that will enable you to go ahead on the journey of your life!“