My question to you today is: Do you have posture? Do you have charisma? And in which ways can you attain posture and charisma?

The first way is, you have to see and envision your goal. It is a historical fact, that people who have a goal attract a lot of other people – unfortunately even those who have the wrong goals. People who have no goal and no vision of where they are going attract no one and go nowhere.

1. The first thing therefore is, see and envision your goal. I recommend to do that every single day before you go to sleep, then your subconsciousness can work on it while you sleep. Also see and envision your goal every morning when you wake up before you start your day.

2. Believe in your goals. Don’t just see where you are going, but also believe in it and be full of hope, love and enthusiasm. Be exited! In this way you are nourishing your goals and the energy and the believe that you put into it will not only propel you towards your goal, but will also attract more people towards you to join you. Help them to achieve their goals and they will help you to achieve your goals.

3. Check your language. Check your spoken language and also your mental language. Some people have lots of negative vocabulary, they put themselves down, they sabotage themselves in telling themselves: „oh, no, I’m not good at this, I am a failure“. You don’t need to speak it out loud, words and thoughts like this hurt and sabotage you a lot. Both your spoken language and your thoughts (mental language) need to be positive at all times.

4. Get physical posture. By this I mean how you do you hold yourself upright? How fulfilled with energy are you? These are things you feel yourself and have a big impact on your feelings, but also people feel it and will react accordingly. Just based on how you hold yourself, how your body language is, whole life will change accordingly. Your body language communicates more than any other form of communication. It communicates with more than 50% – this means – that the signals you send out with your body language are the clearest signals you send to the world. Your body language does never lie, this is why when you fill yourself inwardly up with uprightness and sincerity then your energy and your body language will transmit this and will attract the right people to you and at the samt time will enable you to be in the flow.

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