Focus needs a lot of discipline in today’s world. There is so much distraction everywhere today that very few people are able to really concentrate.

Warren Buffet, one of today’s most successful investors, recommends: „Say no to most things“.

I know this attitude from many of the multimillionaires I have met so far: most of the time they say: no. Because most things cost either money or time. And so you are occupied and occupied and can’t take the next chance, which might have been the right one.

So learn to differentiate: when is it even worth saying yes? Say yes to the best things, in most cases say no.

What does that mean to you?

You can slow down. Do half as much (but concentrate and focus), and achieve twice as much.

„In peace there is strength“

Focus, forget multitasking, it’s a myth and a mistake. Some of what happens when you try to multitask is that you get distracted and frittered away. So concentrate, act out of calm and focus, and achieve twice as much.

I wish you progress, success and happiness,
until the next video,
Aditya Novotny

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