Many people have the mindset: „Here I am, here I stay, here I make myself comfortable“. But life does not work like that. Everything is in constant motion, even the big mountains like Mauna Kea here. Life is constant change.

Not only the earth outside is in constant motion – also in you, millions of cells die every minute, and millions of new cells are formed. When you think new things, new neural connections are formed in your head.

What you can do to learn about this topic and how to create new neuronal connections, I will talk a lot about in the following videos.

Why don’t most people do it – new thinking, new doing? I recommend the book „Mindset“ by Carol Dweck about the „Growth Mindset“ and the „Fixed Mindset“.

Carol found in her studies that up to 95% of people are stuck in the Fixed Mindset, they are literally stuck in their thinking. 5% of people are in the Growth Mindset: these are the people who are always bringing something new, always questioning things, going new ways, etc.

Are you someone with a fixed mindset, with stuck thinking? Then growth-oriented people, the people with growth mindsets, will be extremely uncomfortable for you.

Are you someone with a growth mindset? Do you need constant movement and change? Do you often notice that you do not go down well, that you often meet resistance from other people, who say to you: „now let it go“, „give it a rest“, „not everything has to happen today“…

With both mindsets you can learn how to handle them. Both types of mindset have their own advantages, and to recognize these I really recommend Carol Dweck’s book: Mindset.

Hence my question to you:

  • are you making progress?
  • Are you making progress in your life?
  • What processes are going on in your life right now?
  • Which movements are going on in your life right now?
  • Are you at home in change?
  • Do you feel this pleasant feeling of really being on the road all the time?

On that note, I wish you all the best until the next video,
Aditya Novotny

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