…this is something that saves a lot of time and brings good emotions. If you are not willing, if you are not ready and defiant, it not only costs time, but also brings a lot of negative emotions.

So what does readiness mean and what can you do to achieve more readiness? And what does willingness mean?

Willingness“ is a rather suspicious quality for many people. Fears arise like: „who knows, am I giving something of myself now? Will I still be myself when I am willing?“

I prefer the word „willing“ to the word „being willing“, although they basically say the same thing. The English speaking people have it easier here – the English word „willing“ does not have such a stale aftertaste as the German „willig sein“.

„Being willing“ has to do with the fact that you are always ready to go into a new situation, so you are not stuck in what you are doing for long. This means that you are mentally able to let go. Readiness is a question of how quickly you can let go of the current situation or how much you are stuck in it.

Now please watch my video above … I will guide you through a short but very deep exercise.

Preparation is the Key to Readiness

People often ask me: „Aditya, how do you do it, always being ready and willing?“

It’s a matter of preparation. If I am not prepared, then I am not always ready and willing. Part of being ready is being prepared.

Over the years, I’ve piled up a whole pile of notes where I’ve written down ideas. Ideas like the one you see here in this video series.

And now imagine – what happened to me! Some time ago I switched to the iPhone, to the Note – App. Now I always write down my ideas there. Now on this last flight I transferred all my notes from my notes to the note app on my iPhone. And now imagine what happened to me!

I left it in Phoenix while changing planes, together with my book about holy places in Hawaii. This hurts me a lot right now. It is a painful feeling of loss and emptiness. But what does it show me? And what do I want to tell you?

Prepare yourself while there’s still time. If you wait too long, you might miss the chance. I’ve missed my chance now. I’ve been carrying these notes around with me for weeks, and I kept putting it off. And now they’re gone.

The Americans say „If you don’t use it, you loose it“, so „if you don’t need it, you lose it“.

In this sense I wish you all the best and I am looking forward to see you again in my next video,
Aditya Novotny

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