An important reason why many people never achieve their goals is because they are too stuck in the past.

„Past is dust“

Many people always remember things from their past that didn’t work. These experiences have settled in them, and so they have the feeling that „it didn’t work then, so it won’t work now“. This is a serious mistake. Because just because it was like that once, it does not mean that it will be like that again. On the contrary: most likely it will work much better next time.

For example: when I record one of these videos here, I sometimes have a bad camera and bad lighting. Also the sound is not always good. Sometimes I even have to record such a video again. If I felt sorry for myself in such a moment and thought: „it didn’t work, it probably won’t work the second time“, well, then you would hardly have any videos of me.

So what do I do? If a video is really off, I pause, delete the video and record it again. I don’t think about the one that went wrong. This way I am able to produce and achieve better and better results.

Your past does not predict your future

If you want to take your past as a reference point, then only the best moments from your past. Take the best moments from your past and formulate your expectations for the future. That’s the basic attitude of winners: No matter what’s coming up, they always assume that it will go well.

I wish you much joy and success,
Aditya Novotny

„The past does not predict your future“ is by the way one of the titles of the modules of my product: BREAKTHROUGH, awaken the winner in you. This online training of mine has already helped many people to sensational breakthroughs.