If you are rich in the inner world, you also have the magnetic power and strength of character to attract wealth in the outer world. People who become rich only outwardly, without having the necessary inner strength, are often thrown off course.

„When something is good, every body is good.
When something is bad, every body is bad.“

In a team, for the team work to work well, every individual is needed. Often it is even enough if only one or two team members give up or are no longer interested in the project, so that it fails.

Going wrong can be like an epidemic. Therefore it is very important for you as a team leader to have a strategy to stop this from spreading and infecting everyone.

And you know – the chain always travels on the weakest link. Make sure that everyone in your team is equally important, make sure that everyone knows and feels that. How do you manage to keep your team motivated?

Much progress and success,
Aditya Novotny

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