As an Austrian I could always observe in the past how our skiers were often serial winners. Nobody can get close to a serial winner. With many others it was said: „he is on the verge of a breakthrough“. But every time something happened, he never managed to defeat the „serial winner“. The trainers said: „he is physically just as fit, just as well prepared“. So why is it that a serial winner can hardly be defeated? The only answer there is: the mental. The inner attitude, the mental attitude makes the difference.

This mental strength can be practiced:

  • Remember a moment when you were really successful. A moment when you felt you could do it. You must have had this feeling several times in your life.
  • Every morning, after your morning ritual, go into this feeling from now on. Feel yourself as a winner, feel the feeling of success within you.

I have created an online training on this topic: „Awaken the winner within“. This training is called: Breakthrough. This training is available for you – who have seen this video here – at a special price of only 477€. The regular price for this training is 997€. BREAKTHROUGH really changes lives.

My wish for you, be happy, successful and make a difference,
Aditya Nowotny