… the administrative mentality is the only constant in the universe. Observations from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

I told you in the previous video that I recommend you to be self-employed. Because if you are dependent, then you sell your working time to someone who makes more money than you with your productivity, your working time.

I just had another experience with airport employees at the border control. Well, they are standing around, talking, not serving the customers, for them the customers seem to be a necessary evil. Maybe you have experienced this as well.

What I have observed is that they are unhappy. A state of resistance and not being productive makes them unhappy.

What do you mean: Is it worth having the „minimal job fulfillment“ setting? Listlessly fulfilling his job? Reluctant to do your job? Not giving people the best service?

Or is it true what Brian Tracy says: The one who always gives his best (even if he is an employee) gets ahead faster himself?

What’s your idea on that? What’s your interpretation on that? Have you ever experienced interesting stories with the „official mentality“?

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See you in the next video,
Aditya Novotny