How do you protect your time?

My advice to you is block times. I personally divided my life into three areas:

  • Time for myself,
  • Time for my loved ones,
  • Generate productivity/income.

Time for yourself

Your time for yourself is the most important thing. Protect this time! Regenerate, read a good book again, go out into nature and ground yourself, move/do sports, go to the sauna, go on excursions, meditate, etc. All this is very very important, because you are the most important person in your life.

Time for your loved ones

I experience it again and again, that when I am stressed, the people around me are also stressed. When I myself am under pressure or stressed, I do not have the contact with my loved ones that they deserve. In the end it is these people who make up your quality of life. And vice versa it is you who make up their quality of life. Therefore create regular time blocks where you are there for these people, where you are there qualitatively, and where you don’t just stress past them in between.

Your productivity/your income

Your productive life, your income-generating life – here is my tip for you: if you are employed, then become self-employed. Because when you are employed, you sell your lifetime to someone else who makes more money with your working hours than you do. If you are self-employed, you can earn more money in the same time than you will ever earn in an employment relationship.

  1. In routine operations: telephone calls, organizational, e-mails, mailings, accounting, receipts, etc.
  2. Your personal training – your creativity. Create new products/projects regularly.
  3. Implement your projects. There are so many people who keep on learning and learning, but never put things into practice. Stay on it until you have managed to create and implement the new.