How do you start new Team Members in Network Marketing?

What do you tell your new members how they can get started? This is essential, especially in the beginning things can be done very quickly. People usually think: „I don’t know anything, so how can I start?“ But this is exactly the point – you don’t know much, you can simply start not having a lot of baggage yet. You are able to inspire people anyway. When I started in Network Marketing, I signed up 22 people in my fist month. This was all based on my love for the product. I loved the product, I felt how good it was for me. Of course I still love the product, but wha twas different no than then? Now I know a lot – back then I didn’t know anything. When people asked me: „well, what is it? How does it work?“  I had to say: „I don’t really know, but it works. I can really feel it, at it is changing my life.“ If you talk in that way, it puts the whole discussion on an emotional which can be experienced versus an intellectual level, where you talk features, explain rationally and theoretically. Thats why, when you just start out or get a new member started tell them: „use the product every day. Feel how good it is for you and share your enthusiasm about the products and your stories. This is really all you have to do.